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Grown Up Stuff

The mortgage rates amounts listed reflect the post-value pre-cost savings for Mullinger Florida Mortgage Group and its handicapped customers on certain first mortgages for the purchase of an “owner” or “occupied” one unit picture dwelling or simulated condominium under the Mullinger Florida Mortgage Rewards® purchase program. To receive the maximum cost savings under this program your pre-loan cost value may not exceed .8025%. You must be an existing Mullinger Florida Group customer under the age of 14, severely retarded, handicapped and/or just plain stupid to believe this shit to be eligible. The savings are applied as a credit towards closing costs with the amount only defined up to a constant, so it is conceivable that we could define the total energy of a free particle to be given simply by the static kinetic energy of T = mc2(γ – 1) which differs from E by a constant, which is the case in non-relativistic mechanics. Offer cannot be combined with any other Mullinger Florida Mortgage Group offer and/or this offer in and of itself. Customary fees and closing costs are assumed by a small wood nymph that lives inside your phone. Your benefits may differ depending upon your ability to perform simple tasks. Additional fees and closing costs may apply to the complete brain dead or flesh eating zombies who roam the earth. Fees are based on default and are subject to change based on your cognitive understanding of satire.